Spanky Challenge – Week 2

Here’s the chart. My weeks start on Tuesdays.

Tue Jun 7 2 1 8 180 0 5596 Worked with Sharon’s horses and Hank got front shoes.
Wed Jun 8 2 9 0 0 5118 Oncology appointment and lunch with Sharon
Thu Jun 9 3 10 180 1 19043 First trail ride with Sheryl, Erin and Ozzy. 17,044 steps for me!
Fri Jun 10 4 11 360 1 11462 Trail ride with Erin to East Post Road via North trail.
Sat Jun 11 5 12 30 1 First ride in the Parelli bareback pad.  LOVE IT!  Just had a halter on Hank and he was busy calling to his pals.  Cut the ride short because I had to get to work and put him in the barn for 15 min after the ride before taking him back out.   He didn’t misbehave – looked after me, but wasn’t listening very well.
Sun Jun 12 6 13 0 0
Mon Jun 13 7 14 0 0 1682
Total Week 2 12.5 3 1682

8 Week Total Body Makeover

Now I’m motivated – joined this online.

I was mildly mortified seeing the fat person on my new horse, the least I can do is get stronger so he is confident enough to carry me at a canter without thinking I’m going to topple off.

Spanky Challenge

The challenge: 12 Weeks, 40 horsemanship hours, 30 rides.

Week 1

Horsemanship Challenge
Horsemanship Riding
Date Week Day Days 40 Hours 30 Rides Notes
30-May Sheryl and I picked Spanky (Hank) up in Elgin and brought him home.
Tue May 31 1 1 1  1.75  1 Rescuing Autumn from being tied to the tree.  First ride, Hank is stiff and he rides western, while I ride English – we’re working on it.  Short ride with no reins, eyes closed.  Small spooks.  He is suspicious of the Parelli ball, so we’ll do some ground work.  He likes to be in your space, we’ll work on that too.
Wed Jun 1 2 2  2.5 hours  1  2nd ride. A little more awkward than yesterday as no one was holding Spanking at the mounting stump. We worked around it 10-15 minutes until he figured out what I was asking and I got my nerves under control. Foot in the stirrup, half way on and he walked off, then the saddle slid off from my weight. He stopped and looked at me, I got us straightened out, saddle off and back on. Finally mounted and we did better today. More loose rein and some no rein, hands out at a walk, some trotting. Erin came out and took him for a little ride, trimmed his feet. He got an apple, grooming and loved on. A good 2nd day overall.
Thu Jun 2 3 3  2.46  0  Ponies had a spa day.  Autumn stopped chasing Spanky and all 3 have been building a herd foundation today.  At together; Autumn won’t let him in the shelter yet, but she isn’t chasing him at all.
Fri Jun 3 4 4  2  0  Spa day for the horses
Sat Jun 4 5 5  0  0  Oncology appointment and errands all day.
Sun Jun 5 6 6  2  1  Short ride, Izzy bandages on leg, Brave needed meds.  Teaching a WWOOFer (guest) about horsemanship.
Mon Jun 6 7 7  0.45  1  Rode Flashy in the pasture and Sheryl rode Hank.  First time with a bridle here.  Used her Parelli bridle with the sweet iron bit.
Total Week 1 10.75 5  Nice end to week 1.

Tuesday May 31, 9:05 pm  It’s pouring rain tonight.  The boys are out in the pasture, Autumn is in the dry lot.  Spanky is smitten with her.  It’s pouring but they are healthy adult horses, a little water won’t harm them.  Thinking of our ride this afternoon, feeling grateful and looking forward to tomorrows ride.  Erin is coming out to trim so maybe just some ground work.  It will be a “horsemanship day” and some grooming.  I need to apply the oils again.  He has such a lovely, smooth trot and his canter ain’t half bad either!  sigh  I heard someone walking by the house tonight yell at someone else “Did you see Deveri’s new horse?  He’s gorgeous!”  Yes, he is.

Thursday June 2   The horses got a spa day today. Essential Oil treatment and massages. I let Autumn out to mow the yard and give her some extra hugs. They are all together in both pastures and it’s been very quiet. I’m adding Rose Hips to Pete’s diet after reading a number of articles on the health benefits. I have powdered, ground and whole. He snacked on 5 whole ones this morning and seemed to enjoy them. Here’s the article that I found interesting (and yes, I did see the cautions about sugar content and diarrhea on other articles so I am starting slow). Hank didn’t care to try them but I’ll add a tiny bit to his grain and watch for any health response.Charles Abraham will be here tomorrow for health check and spring shots; 2 of the foals are not feeling good. Izzy has tore up her right front leg pulling it through something and Brave is colicky. We’ve ramped up the DigestZen for him and treated a puncture on his shoulder but his coat is dull and he’s really cranky about touching his belly

Spanky aka Hank

Join me for a 12 week journey getting to know my new therapy partner. Inspired by the Northwoods Farms 2016 Horsemanship Challenge on facebook.

I entered that challenge on December 31, 2016 thinking I could use Pete as my partner, shortly to realize that with the shoulder injury he could safely carry 100 pounds. I switched to Autumn as a partner – groundwork only and it has been beneficial to both of us and our relationship. Yesterday I brought Hank home as my therapy partner and figure what better way to get to know him that to participate in a micro challenge of my own.

I will track my progress on that challenge here.

Mediator or Instigator?

My thoughts as I woke up last night went along this line.

There are people who enter your life like a fresh breeze and seem to make everything easier around you (mediator). My friend Mike is a mediator.  He stayed with me between September 2015 and February 2016 and I treasured his presence here. Not only did he clean up after himself and help with the expense of groceries, he spontaneously cleaned the kitchen, washed the windows, vacuumed and helped out wherever he saw a need in and around the house.  He seemed to always know how to diffuse hurt feelings, anger and conflict in every situation and reached for peace and mutual solution.  He does this all while mainaiting a cool exterior.

Then there are people who enter your life like a firestorm and you find that everything around you is unraveling, tempers flare, rumors are inflated and you know there is something out of balance but can’t quite put your finger on it (instigator). I have reached the conclusion that the only way for me to find balance again is to remove the instigator.  I am at a loss in how to communicate this to the individual.  It has cost me dearly trusting someone who is playing both sides, fanning the already tenuous line of tolerance. It has cost me dearly.

Pray for a peaceful resolution.


This rendition in my FB feed today.  :20 to 2:30

Love is not a victory march, it’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah.

This man is singing it for his 4 year old son. Tears and chills.  The love the tenderness.  The joy that fills me sometimes bursts through my eyes and cannot be contained.  God’s spirit the only thing that can fill the aching hole in my heart, drained by years of life.

The theme lately has been “Do you trust Him?”

The answer to walk by faith accepting that the answers may not always be given but responding to and recognizing divine appointments as they present themselves.  I’m tired.  I’m filled.  I’m exuberant.  I’m exhausted.  I exhale this deep deep mourning that has attached itself to my soul.  And I rejoice in guidance of the spirit as I am used for His glory.  When you don’t have the answers, you have to listen closer with a quiet heart and open mind.

Be well, my friends.

All My Love

Grandmothers China – Salad Plate

I was putting dishes away this morning when one of the little salad plates tipped backward, falling into a wine bottle glass and broke in jagged half.  It was so fast I could only watch.  I picked it up, held the two pieces together and sighed.  Darn it.  Put it in the trash bin.  We are now down to 6 salad plates, which is what we use the most.

I woke up this morning to the though “this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  Today.  I am given today.  This moment, the choices I have for doing and going and being. How will I spend it?  I started by breaking something on my way to doing something productive.  I need to go to the post office, get milk, return an item.  I also need/want to vacuum, wash dishes and tidy my space.  Am I living well?  What does that mean anyway “living well”?  On that Booda jumped up on my lap, under my arm and cruised across the desk pausing at my coffee cup (don’t you dare put you little paw in there).  He is twitching his tail, rubbing his face on things.  He is living well as defined by a cat.  He’s now settled himself next to me, close but not too close to be removed.  Eyes blinking closed, ears alert around the room, waiting.  What is he waiting for?  Well, his breakfast for one.  He’s probably also waiting to be recognized and loved like we all are.

[pause, sip of coffee, change in music]

“I’ve got one hand on the bottle, one foot in the grave”  Lyrics of Last Damn Night by Elle King

“Last Damn Night”
I got one hand on the bottle, and one foot in the grave
It’s been too long since I’ve slept, but I, I, I ain’t got time to waste
Three long days, boy you’d better pray
Cause when that light shines on you
Gonna want to stay forever and a day, but it’s the night that I belong to
Well the clock keeps ticking, and your time is running out
Well the clock is ticking, and your time is running running running running

So, I’m gonna live my life like it’s my last damn night
Cause when the clock strikes twelve, we’re all gonna go to hell
Said “I’m gonna live my life like it’s my last damn night!”
“I’m gonna live my life… like it’s my last damn night!”

Well I’m five seconds closer to living six feet deep,
There’s seven steps to Heaven, but that stairway’s just too steep
Oh, my my everybody dies, but you know that I don’t want to
You get eight long lives, boy you gonna cry when the ninth one creeps up on you
Well the clock keeps ticking, and your time is running out…
Well the clock keeps ticking, and your time is running running running running…

So, I’m gonna live my life like it’s my last damn night
Cause when the clock strikes twelve, we’re all gonna go to hell
Said I’m gonna live my life like it’s my last damn night
I’m gonna live my life… like it’s my last damn night!

Appropriate, thank you Lord.

Eric’s friend was here a few nights ago and wanted to start the conversation beginning with “do you believe that everything happens for a reason?” at 11:45 pm when we were getting ready for sleep.  Sorry son, that is a deep topic to start this late in the evening.

“Someone told me long ago, that there’s a calm before the storm.  I know ’cause it’s been coming for some time”

Have you ever seen the rain? by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Someone told me long ago there’s a calm before the storm
I know, it’s been comin’ for some time
When it’s over, so they say, it’ll rain a sunny day
I know, shinin’ down like water

I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?
I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain
Comin’ down on a sunny day?

Yesterday and days before, sun is cold and rain is hard
I know, been that way for all my time
‘Til forever, on it goes through the circle, fast and slow
I know, it can’t stop, I wonder

I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?
I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain
Comin’ down on a sunny day?

Well, my friends I believe that is all I have for the moment.  Back to the dishes and vacuuming and having a conversation with my son regarding living well in our home.  Wherever you are today live it well.  It may be your last damn night or it may be the first day of the rest of your life.  Whichever it is make something of it.

All my love.

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