Adventures of an Air BnB host

I’m done hosting on Air BnB, by the way. I gave it a good run. I live on a farm and have hosted travelers for a decade. The good majority of people who I’ve hosted are friendly, happy and thankful to have a safe, friendly place to stay. I’ve hosted for several months and the first wave were great people. A couple comments about “could be cleaner”, agreed, so I increased my efforts. I’m loving how clean my house is now by the way and maybe that was the lesson for me.

There is a change in attitude when you are “paying” for a room.  I did my best to meet the criteria, it’s just not worth it to me to open my home to people who see only what’s wrong with the property and have no gratitude for what’s right.

This is a bunk house, on a farm, with livestock AND FLIES.  The flies get in the house, every time you open the door.  We have fly swatters readily available for use.  These people want to be pampered and catered to for a pitance.  I finally lowered my nightly rate to $18+ (cleaning fee, tax, Air BnB fee, etc) and still someone came in and went right back out the revolving door.  Do you know how many hours it takes me to clean this space? 4-8 hours to prepare for 1 stay.  Vacum, beds, windows, mirrors, porch, shared spaces, parking, yard etc.  For $18 and the priviledge of seeing someone make a snarky expression because there are flies in the house.  No thank you.  I’m out.

Give me the weary travelers from Couch Surfing, Warm Showers, Work Away, Wwoof, Global Freeloaders and like minded communities.  I offer you a warm, safe bed, a private/shared room (depending on who is here), a hot shower, washing facilities for your clothes, indoor storage for your bikes and trailers, a firepit and wide open skies that can be viewed inside or out.  Share a meal with me, share your stories and I’ll share mine.  I offer you laughter, love and acceptance as we walk this road together even if just for a day.

I digress.  I’ts 8:40 am and I have done nothing but feel deflated today.  I have calls to make and a

I have a business to run.  I’ve had breakfast and coffee and it is a Blessed Day.  I know this because today I woke up and said “Good morning, God.  What will we do today?”

Hope to start writing more again, maybe from the road.  Most of the next 2 weeks I’m off work.  I’ll be riding and cleaning and planning and following through with my plans.  I think that’s it.

Love you all.


Mediator or Instigator?

My thoughts as I woke up last night went along this line.

There are people who enter your life like a fresh breeze and seem to make everything easier around you (mediator). My friend Mike is a mediator.  He stayed with me between September 2015 and February 2016 and I treasured his presence here. Not only did he clean up after himself and help with the expense of groceries, he spontaneously cleaned the kitchen, washed the windows, vacuumed and helped out wherever he saw a need in and around the house.  He seemed to always know how to diffuse hurt feelings, anger and conflict in every situation and reached for peace and mutual solution.  He does this all while mainaiting a cool exterior.

Then there are people who enter your life like a firestorm and you find that everything around you is unraveling, tempers flare, rumors are inflated and you know there is something out of balance but can’t quite put your finger on it (instigator). I have reached the conclusion that the only way for me to find balance again is to remove the instigator.  I am at a loss in how to communicate this to the individual.  It has cost me dearly trusting someone who is playing both sides, fanning the already tenuous line of tolerance. It has cost me dearly.

Pray for a peaceful resolution.

Autumn’s Apples

This was first written August 22.  I found some old drafts.

When I adopted Autumn 7 years ago we joked that she should have her own blog. She is amusing, intuitive, creative and I’ve often said if she had thumbs she would take over the world.

Today I embark on this effort. I may include daily thoughts, photos, insight on rescue, silliness and stories of other animals. Today I begin with the poem I wrote for her about a year after her adoption.

Thanks to all you of you who have been touching in periodically. The events with my father are moving a long. Not as fast as I would like and faster than her would like. The yard is almost finished, we’ve removed 20 yards of debris from the yard and will soon be starting on the house. Tuesday when we cleaned out his shed he was actively throwing things in the dumpster and nodding his approval for things we could throw in. He still sees value in inanimate objects but he’s starting to participate and let go of some things.

I’ll find a link to the poem later.

Resilient Faith

2 weeks, many changes

My room mate of 3+ years and friend of the last decade is moving out.

Their is a new tenant on the farm who brings a veritable circus act to the quiet property complete with a stallion.  Then she proceeded to leave the property while he was tied in the barn, effectively rendering the barn useless to any other horse people like myself who don’t want to risk any studly issues.  We had a polite conversation beginning with please clean up after your horse around the house since my yard is now their paddock and my horses are restricted again to their little 2 acre lot. I noticed her little boy had a chain over his nose while quietly standing tied which led me to inquire “gelding”?  She vociferously defended his coolness and manageability as well as justifying her own professional training experience and ability to manage him.  Someone who talks over you and goes to that energy level of defense already knows she’s in deep water.  No one yelled.  I texted the landlord who is in charge of such things.  And again later when they left him tied while they all piled in the car and left him there for at least 30 minutes.

Eric should be back to work next week.  His leg is still very painful but he’s walking without the crutches.

Lola is a pleasure to have around the house.

Autumn is handing her leadership over to me – yeah!

I woke up this morning around 5:30 freaking out about how I’m going to pay the rent.  My paycheck is wrong AGAIN (ongoing theme).

2 Cor 8:13-15

Our desire is not that others might be relieved while ou are hard pressed, but that there might be equality.  At present time your plenty will supply what you need.  The goal is equality, as it is written: “The one who gathered much did not have too much, and the one who gathered little did not have too little.”

I’ve reread that several times today and yesterday.  I will likely be thinking on it for a few days yet.  Faith means putting the things that are troubling you back in God’s hands and trusting that it will all be ok.

On Friday I will supervise the euthanization of one of the neighbors horses.  She’s a wreck.  She’s had him over 20 years and he’s been declining in health the last 2.  We took some tail hair from him last night and I’m going to make her a bracelet from it for her.

Last night I got a letter from my Ob-Gyne that reads “The biopsy came back with some “atypical cells”.  This means that there is some precancerous change.  Since that was only 1 spot that I biopsied I am concerned that there could be an area that may be more than “pre” cancerous.  […] The polyp is quite large and I think (there is a possibility of a malignancy).

I went back to work on Aug 3.

I have no energy to continue writing this morning.

Love you all.  Count your blessings, I certainly am.

  • We found this before it became life threatening.
  • My other medical conditions are being managed.
  • Soon I will be able to allow my son to pop in whenever he needs me without having to worry about offending my room mate.
  • My friend is going to be in a place where she can be at peace and happy, surrounded by all her own stuff with no intrusions from me.
  • My landlord is a kind man who will work with me until I get balanced again.
  • The horses, cats and Lola are all healthy and add so much joy to my days.
  • My own health issues are manageable at this time.
  • My friend Frankie has been such a blessing to me the last 3 months.  I don’t know what I would have done without her.
  • I have a home and some time to figure out what I’m going to do.
  • Eric is content, not living in his car and should be back to work soon.
  • My job is steady and the people I work with are good people.
  • God is with me
  • I always have felt close to Job.  God allowed Satan to take all that he had to test his faith.  He lost everything.  And then God restored him.
  • I’m all about that Bass…  hugs.  love you all.

Have a blessed day my friends.

EO and Cancer

I would love to just copy and paste this entire article, but that would violate copyright law. So here is a link instead.

Essential Oils Stop Cancer In It’s Tracks

Medical Update 7-2

Yesterday was very frustrating for me.  I was ordered to complete a 30 day heart test monitor and that was terminated on June 1, the equipment was returned and I’ve been waiting for the test results.

I have a procedure Monday that requires me to drink 4 Liters of PEG-3350 (colon cleanse).  The 2nd listed side effect (contraindication) of this medication is Cardiac Arrhythmia.  Most of my medical people have been pointing at Atrial Fibrillation as a reason for the stroke and today is a holiday for most so answers were needed yesterday – Is this safe for me to drink or do I need to reschedule this procedure?

The problem is no one had received the test results and 2 different medical reps assured me that “these things just take a while and they have to read for each day of the test”, this was a direct quote from one of them.  It has been a MONTH!  Surely a cardiologist doesn’t wait 30 days to do an initial read of a 30 day test?

FRIENDS:  YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO IS ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR HEALTH.  The medical community is two busy (literally) stopping the hemorrhaging in society to follow up with your minor issue.  S/He who bleeds buckets gets the attention and once the symptoms have been addressed you are replaced by someone in worse condition.  God help us and He has by sending amazing plants to address human suffering.  I digress.

First Call:  My primary care physicians office.  “We haven’t received the tests yet”.

Second Call:  Stroke Clinic “We haven’t received the tests yet”

Third Call:  “The test was ended on June 1 and the results were sent back on June 2”

To which provider?

“To the ordering physician”, which was the general practitioner at the hospital.

Fourth Call:  Ordering physicians office.  Tests were read on June 2 and faxed to your primary care physicians office.”  Can you give me any idea of the outcome/results? “The monitor was activated on 10 abnormal occassions but none of them correlate to any issues of concern” (later this was described as escalations found in a normal heartbeat).  Good news, right?  Yippeee.

Fifth Call:  Primary Care physician, the cardiac physicians readings were faxed to you on June 2 “Let me call you back:

Sixth Call:  Stroke Clinic “the cardiac physicians readings were completed on June 2, Dr. advised in my last appointment that she would follow up with the heart test and contact me with the results (argumentative nurse) “There is nothing in your chart indicating we would follow up”… ongoing theme of the conversation, of which I am proud I expressed myself calmly, listened to her excuses and finally was able to end the call with 2 “I need” statements.  Get the test results.  Tell me if there is any concern with me consuming this medication.  “Let me call you back”

Both offices called back after obtaining a copy of the report.  Neither apologized for not following through to request the test results after a certain period of time.  However, my primary care physicians nurse did empathize on her 3rd call back about the frustration I was feeling and was able to put a copy of the report in front of my physician and are in agreement that the solution is safe for me to consume.


The test results are starting to come in. I have to do another sleep test to be fitted with a cpap, I’m very interested in seeing how that effects my sleep and energy levels.

The heart rate monitor tests haven’t come back yet.

I’m listening to a story on CD. Woke up too early today and may need a nap later.

Be well.

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