Spanky Challenge – update

WOW, Skipped the whole month of July. Hank was sick with Shipping Fever and that took 2 weeks for him to feel better, then peak started at work for me so I had little time in the mornings to do what I had to do. Between hosting, cleaning for hosting, work and travel. A week ago Thursday as I was bringing him in he banged his hip on the side of the door and was lame for a week, more travel for me and now I think we are both back and ready to resume. So we begin week 9.

Total Week 4 6 2
Tue Jun 28 5 1 29 Worked tons of overtime this week, Hank got a 2nd week to recoup.
Wed Jun 29 2 30
Thu Jun 30 3 31
Fri Jul 1 4 32
Sat Jul 2 5 33 45 1 Evening ride with Sheryl around the bean field nd back
Sun Jul 3 6 34
Mon Jul 4 7 35 45 1 Rode in pasture, working on leaving buddies and focusing on what we’re doing.  Used a neck rope and rode a lot with the reins on his neck, no contact with mouth, only seat and body cues.  It was more or less successful.
Total Week 5 1.5 0
Tue Jul 5 6 1 36 45 1 Same some more.
Wed Jul 6 2 37
Thu Jul 7 3 38
Fri Jul 8 4 39
Sat Jul 9 5 40
Sun Jul 10 6 41
Mon Jul 11 7 42
Total Week 6 0.75 0
Tue Jul 12 7 1 43
Wed Jul 13 2 44
Thu Jul 14 3 45 Hank banged his hip on the house coming in to get saddled for a ride and is limping.  Contemplating if he needs to see Charles.  I’ll give it a day or two and watch for improvement.
Fri Jul 15 4 46
Sat Jul 16 5 47  He seems to be improving slowly.  Time, rest and Essential Oils…
Sun Jul 17 6 48
Mon Jul 18 7 49
Total Week 7 0 0
Tue Jul 19 8 1 50  Overtime Work
Wed Jul 20 2 51
Thu Jul 21 3 52
Fri Jul 22 4 53
Sat Jul 23 5 54
Sun Jul 24 6 55
Mon Jul 25 7 56
Total Week 8 0 0
Tue Jul 26 9 1 57
Wed Jul 27 2 58
Thu Jul 28 3 59
Fri Jul 29 4 60
Sat Jul 30 5 61
Sun Jul 31 6 62
Mon Aug 1 7 63  Horses broke through a gate and went on a merry romp around the back 40 pasture and over the creek.  Glad to see Hank galloping and trotting after his buddies.



Effective and In The News

Old Post…

I started listening to Fellowship of The Ring again yesterday while I painted and it was so effective I’m going to continue listening today while I chug away at the continuing saga of the limestone patio puzzle – with photos today of course!

Meanwhile, in the news today:
Polar Ice Caps Melt 5X faster than expected


This brilliant protest!

It is 44 degrees here – ttys!

This is as far as it goes today.  The ground is frozen and I have neither the inclination or a pick ax to burrow through the lyme.  I did spend an hour settling the yard for winter.

The hobbits are having an ale at the Dancing Pony and that sounds mighty fine to me right now…but I think instead I will clean up the garage.  Another project I’ve been meaning to get finished!







To the producers of the show Hoarding.

I am a lifetime recovering hoarder. The show is major motivation to never, ever, ever get beyond the point of keeping so much stuff in my now quiet and peaceful life to be considered a candidate for your show. EVER. That said I recently watched an episode where the friends of the victim were allowed to continue to be so horribly out of control in regards to the main character that I had to turn your program off. It was far too disturbing to watch the continued abuse while your so-called counselor refused to intervene. The “friends” of the person you were trying to help continued their abusive behavior by yelling, screaming, being disrespectful and demanding of getting what they wanted for the so-called friend (a former school teacher who clearly had slipped into a deep mental disorder and physically showed signs of extreme stress) in the name of “tough love”, which they continued allowing to spout for the cameras.

Clearly to me this episode was about bullying the victim into submission so each of the (not) caring friends got their share of the cameras and spot lights. Your counselor even stated how distressed she was with the situation yet refused to stand up for the person you were attempting to help. I wish I had noted the name of the episode. These four so-called friends were allowed to go to the extreme of giving the man an ultimatum to choose his things or their friendship and he was forced into a decision before it was his to make.

This so-called Tough Love was in no manner of any sort loving to the person who you were there to help. If you continue to produce trash like this I will stop watching your show and encourage everyone I know who benefits from watching this show to find another solution.

To those whose arrogance put him in that situation – shame on you. You are no “friend” to this person and this was more for your own show than for his benefit. Your behavior nauseated me. It is now 3 days later after watching this episode and I am still upset about it. You sicken me with your abusive behavior and you should all be seeking counseling as abusers.

This was sick, abusive, aggressive and completely out of line in regards to your star. I hope you have provided him the counter counseling not only to help him recognize his hoarding problem and find a solution that works for him but counseling to give him courage and confidence to build a network of real friendships of people who will support, love and encourage his positive changes and be there for him to fall on for the days when he regresses. It has taken me a decade to put the hoarding behind me and I credit a great deal of that change to Marla Cilly (The Flylady) for giving me the tools and keys to make the changes needed in my life.

5 Lessons from Cato – by Tim Ferriss

Received this article this morning from Tim Ferriss’ blog that’s very interesting. Worth reading to all you other creative visionary types.

Stoicism for Modern Stresses: 5 Lessons from Cato
Written by Tim Ferriss

“Cato reminds us that there’s a thin line between visionaries and fools–a lesson especially important to entrepreneurs, authors, creative-types, or really anyone doing work that goes against the grain.”

“The Stoics taught Cato that there were no shades of gray. There was no more-or-less good, no more-or-less bad. Whether you were a foot underwater or a fathom, you were still drowning. All virtues were one and the same virtue, all vices the same vice.”

Have a good Thursday!

Bit by a Pit Mix

I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of dogs over the years of all breeds, shapes and sizes. I have always maintained an opinion that Pit Bulls have gotten a bad rap because of humans and I still maintained that…until Thursday.

I still believe Pittys are a human problem due to poor decisions made in breeding and the fighting ring issues that they have been breed for. I’ve met some nice pits but have never shared a home with one and never truly understood why they were labeled “more” dangerous than any other aggressive dog. I know now.

First. Thanking God for a few details that effected the outcome, I’m ok. I have had a few night mares the last couple of nights, recurring from an attack when I was 5 when a dog grabbed the top of my head and nearly removed my left eye.

I was at a friends house who was watching her daughters pit (f) and pit/lab (m) dogs (I won’t mention names because they are close friends). Both animals are neutered/fixed. There had been a few incidences in the past with this male, but nothing serious enough to take immediate action. The dog doesn’t like men and has nipped a few times. They are aware of this and take actions to keep him and other safe; caution enough to handle with care. They got him at 5 weeks; imo way too young; you should not take pups from a litter until at least 8 and preferably 10 weeks old. They have raised him in a loving home and done a lot of obedience with him to address his strong drive. They are really good dog owners.

We went out on the patio and let the 4 dogs out to play (2 great!! labs in the group), throwing the ball for them and letting them get some energy out from being kenneled during the day. The dog in question cruised by my legs a few times, stopped to sniff, went on about his business. He wasn’t overly interested in me and was displaying absolutely NO aggression around the humans; he was bristling out in the yard at the neighbors dog who was barking outside.

So far, so good. My friend went in the house and got all the food dishes and all 4 dogs ate-no problems. I got up and we (all 6 of us) were standing next to the steps by the sliding glass door to the house. I felt the male nip the finger tips of my right hand; she corrected him and he seemed to have taken the clue. He went around the table and I thought he had gone on out in the yard, when he came back at me – biting my abdomen. As I hollered ”he just bit me” and she lunged to catch him, he came around behind me and took a disabling bite on the back of my right heel just below the Achilles tendon. THANK GOD I had tennis shoes on that night. As I stepped away from him, he pulled back and down I crashed. I was thinking “I am so screwed” as I fell knowing that on the ground, I was nearly defenseless. In the flash it took for her to get him off my foot I spied the open sliding glass door (THANK GOD she left it open when she came out) and I jumped for it, sliding it closed behind me as he lunged for me, hitting the glass.

I am not too embarrassed to say I peed my pants. Miraculously I have NO bites on my skin and other than the nightmares that will eventually subside, no lasting damage. There is a 2″ cut in the top of my shoe and puncture holes in the rubber on the opposite side of the heel. It could have been SO SO much worse and THANK GOD it was me and not a child, since I had the wherewithal to jump for the door .

He attacked with no warning and with absolutely no provocation. Seconds before he nipped my fingers he had stood next to my leg leaning against me and I had been petting him.

He bit so hard he either pulled tooth out or dislodged one because he had blood around his mouth, which scared my friend. THANK GOD she was outside at the time.

My new opinion of why pittys are more dangerous than other breeds is the complete and single-minded prey drive/focus that has been breed into them over centuries to make them exceptional fighting dogs; paired with the massive strength of the upper body and large (wide) jaws build for gripping and crushing.

The female is a doll. She is sweet, friendly and affectionate and I would happily be around her any time with absolute confidence for my safety. She is a credit to her breed. This thread is not about condemning pits; it’s about the problems that aggressive dogs bring to society.

Mostly, I just wanted some expression because I am still shook up about it a bit and will unfortunately give all pits a wide berth in the future because there was absolutely no warning from this one and he appeared to be accepting of me for almost an hour prior to the attack. That’s the other reason this particular dog is so dangerous.

My friends daughter (and beau) has a very difficult decision to make. I hope she decides to euthanize. I have never seen a dog at this extreme improve his character. I believe the mix of pit/lab makes him more unstable and unpredictable-and that is what makes him so dangerous. The only thing I am certain of is he will get worse and I have no doubt he would have done his best to kill me if I hadn’t gotten away.

I do feel horribly bad for them, he is their first dog.

“D” is for Destroy

Wild Hoofbeats


Wild Horses: “D” is for Destroy, Devastate and Decimate – the BLM’s plan for Wyoming’s Wild Horses

Posted: 14 Jun 2011 04:24 PM PDT

White Mountain Wild Horses

This morning the Rock Springs, Wyoming BLM office published a Decision Record for the White Mountain and Little Colorado Herd Areas.

Here it is:

Normally these decision records come as no surprise – despite thousands of comments from the public against the roundup, (over 7000 in this case) usually the Alternative A is chosen, what the BLM wanted all along: bringing the herd numbers down to the lower end of AML, using birth control on the mares, and more recently, a crude twist – skewing the sex ration favoring stallions over mares.
Not this time.
In a shocking move the BLM has chosen alternative D for these two herds. This is what is listed in on page 8 in the the Environmental Assessment as Alternative D:

“Remove All Animals and manage for a non-reproductive herd returning gelded and spayed wild horses to Lower Limit of AML range.”

Even more alarming here is the last paragraph:

“The populations in the White Mountain and Little Colorado HMAs would be managed as non-reproducing herds. The population would be monitored and the population would be supplemented with wild horses from other HMAs as needed. In the case where all of the reproducing horses are not initially captured or people illegally turn out reproducing domestic horses into the HMAs a future gather action would be necessary to gather excess wild horses to the low AML.”

Mare and Foal in White Mountain

What is really ironic is that the White Mountain Herd is one of the most popular and easily visited herds in Wyoming, only 14 miles north of Rock Springs, and it even has a “Loop Tour!”

You can read the entire EA here:

These two herds will be managed to extinction in August.  This is the blueprint for the erasure of the wild horse herds from Wyoming, and by extension, across the West.

I am not even going to go into detail about how unspeakably cruel and ridiculously expensive it will be to spay wild mares.

You may ask, what can I do about this?  The very first thing you should do is get the word out about this atrocity.  There is a meeting, a statewide hearing on the use of helicopters and motorized vehicles in the management of wild horses on June 21 at 5:30 at the BLM office in Rock Springs.  Go and speak out if you can attend.

Here are the details:

If you cannot make it and want to speak out for Wyoming’s wild horses, here are a list of phone numbers that you can call:

Wyoming State Wild Horse Specialist Amy Ruhs, 307-352-0375,

Rock Springs Wild Horse Specialist Jay D’Ewart, 307-352-0331

High Desert District Manager: John Ruhs 307-352-0256

Wyoming State Director: Don Simpson 307-775-6256.

Family Band from Great Divide Basin

The next herd on the schedule for roundup and removal is Great Divide Basin, and comments are due by June 20.  I think it is a safe bet that Alternative D will be the one that Wyoming’s BLM will opt for.  Please comment here:

Thank you for caring about our wild horses.  I invite you to act so that the wild horses of Wyoming do not become only a memory.

These beautiful horses deserve to stay in their families and in their homes


Cross-Posted from email.  Speak for the silent.  This is the last remaining treasure of the west.  The horses post no threat to cattlemen and don’t compete for the same browse as cattle.  This is an outrage – if your not angry, you aren’t listening.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the person I cannot change, the
courage to change the person I can, and the wisdom to know that it’s me.”
Take the pledge!,

Save America's Wild Horses

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