Camp Wandu

Temporary home for vagabonds, hobos and other life travelers.

Combining a love for equines and a love for soldiers.

Camp Wandu is a 1000 acre ranch with a main bunk house and multiple cabin sites available for soldiers who have been on active duty in a war zone to stay for a time and find peace, camaraderie and friendship with other soldiers.  The cabins will be supplied with a full bath and kitchen including running water and electricity.  Each will sleep 4-6 each with a covered porch, fire pit, small shed or storage area that contains bicycles, a canoe or kayaks and fishing gear for use by the tenants.   In exchange for the use of the facility there will be a daily chore list of light duty property maintenance and occassional group projects such as the building of new cabins or fencing to be completed by each occupant on a volunteer basis.  Long term guests or hired staff will include a barn manager, a facilities manager and a cook.  I anticipate having my own small cabin and a small barn and coral in one section of the property to enjoy the visitors and location when I am home.

The main cabin will serve 3 meals a day and be the central communications location and entertainment center with a pool table, TV’s, DVD player, cable and internet access and have grab-n-go snacks available for hiking, biking and other outings.

The camp will include a  small stable and pastures to house a herd of retired horses who can spend their days in leisure giving an occasional trail ride to campers and meeting their final days with the dignity they have earned through years of serving people.

Located near [???] trail accessible park where residents can boat, fish, swim, ride and hike.


That’s my dream. 

Meanwhile I welcome vagabonds, hobos and other life travelers to my home and am registered on Warm Showers and Couch Surfer.  Come visit, stay for a spell, entertain me with tails of your life and travels, share a meal, enjoy the horses, sit by the campfire at night…from one vagabond to another.  Mi casa es su casa.  You have to start with what you’ve got.


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