Please contact me by email devsdolls [at] yahoo with the subject Giveaway and specify what items you are interested in, your shipping address, and to arrange the postage reimbursement.

I read the book Hanta Yo many years ago and one of the stories was when the main character did a “Givaway” where he gave away all earthly possessions to other tribe members until he had nothing left – not even a cloak on his back.  Yup-the story climaxed with him standing stark neked in a field praising the creator.  In this tradition, after a period of time, tribe members then began to leave things for him and he eventually had a shelter, clothing, cooking utensils, horses and new possessions.  I’m not preparing to go that far – though I am drastically reducing my level of worldly goods piece by piece – and I don’t really want anything back. 

It would make me happy to know that someone, somewhere has enjoyed whatever item I sent them and if appropriate passed it along to the next human on the journey until tattered and road weary the items are disposed of, having exceeded their useful lives.  That’s how I want to go too by the way.

Due to volume I have to ask the recipient to pay the postage or offer a trade.  I just can’t pay it all right now.  Any that are not claimed/requested will be set free between now and mid September 2010.

Newly listed 9/2/10

[will post tomorrow – sorry, it’s late]


Cosmo – May 2010

Fitness – 2010 – March, May, June, September, February

Women’s Health – 2009 – October, November

Runner’s – 2010 – March, April, May

Interweave Knits – Spring 2008

Creative Knitting – May 2008

Patons – Pull Up Your Socks (15 sock patterns)


 Books will be registered with Book Crossings (user joybemine). 


Spiral bound, corduroy cover and paisley inside covers – standard lined paper, heavier grade than most

Organizing Tools

Stephen Covey – (2) Storage Binders, (1) plastic page thingy, (2 each) Weekly Compass Packs and Weekly compass divider holder, (19) Time Maps

Breyer Horses

 **May be listing on e-bay.  OR if someone has a convincing story about how much they would love one of them I may consider their plea.

After doing the photography I realized I don’t want to part with the palomino or the trotting bay – both still have a very special place in my heart and are now on display in my room.

Left to right:  Back Row – Palomino (not available); Jumping Bay; Trotting Bay (Not available); rearing black and white Front Row – Shetland pony; Miniature Man-O-War

 Baseball Caps

Tasmanian Devil – Black cap with brown suede bill

Hershey’s Chocolates – Reese’s, Kiss and Candy Bar – Denis cap with khaki bill



Stained Glass Butterfly lamp – lighted with 2 brightness settings

Indian Maiden Statuette – hand painted, ceramic, has a few chips.

Picture frames:  (1) 8×10 brown, (1) 8×10 black with gold trim, (2) 4” square mirrors


Wooden Cutout Decorations – (1) BOO (2) small ghosts, (1) large ghost, (1) pumpkin (1) pumpkin sucker holder, (4) black cats on fences (2) orange/black ribbons on fences, (1) purple felt bag

These are all cute and were made for me by a friend – I just don’t do Halloween anymore.  They should be loved!

 Flute Music

Concert and Contest Collection for C Flute – Contemporary, Recital and sheet music – too numerous to list – about 5 lbs.

Music CD’s

 **Music will be listed last or will trade for DVD’s (not Blue Ray)


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