A friend once told me of a ski trip they took as a family in Vale, CO. She remembered that all the ski lifts were located in these stunning resort locations and that her family felt as if they were “gypsy’s in the castle” as they stopped at each one. I borrowed her expression.

The title is a [parable] for life. I have never lived in a castle. I have never even visited one. I have friends and family who have. I live modestly and within my means. That has sometimes been difficult to balance. I have friends and even family members who are wealthy or at the least very well off but I don’t envy them. I would never trade the freedom I have for being anchored to a salary in a job that doesn’t delight me. I have held jobs that were secure and I understand the choice to stay within the safety of a company.

The castle represents choices. A castle is impressive to look at from a distance and it’s lovely to wander through and see all those extravagant things and ooh and ahh at the excessive wealth in that one place. Castles can also be cold, expensive and lonely. I’ll take my simple life any day, even though it means that occassionally I am hungry or have to choose between things that I want. What I have learned through the years is that what you need will be provided at exactly the time you need it and on that I have faith to take a chance.

Oh, just to mention and just for fun. My alias here will be Gypsy Vanna, which is a nod to my favorite horse the Gypsy Vanner, which is a beautiful black and white draft horse that was bred specifically to pull the wagons and a lovely fiber, Vanna’s Choice (acrylic) that I used on the first featured project, an American Flag blanket I custom made for someone dear to my heart.


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  1. Inner Gypsy
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 18:35:24

    Just thought you might be interested in our music because of the name. But we are also into crochet, especially Tiffany’s mother who we shall send a link to your site.

    Maybe you can link with us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Inner-Gypsy/102164967005?ref=search&sid=527149477.3151942393..1

    Best wishes
    Mario & Tiffany


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