October 27, last year?

October 27 will be the tenth anniversary with Autumn. That is the day my son and I adopted her.
She notices every different thing. Not only notices but evaluates. Is this new thing something worthy of jumping from? Usually the answer is yes. Jump firs, inquire later. That’s what she was taught by humans. Self preservation at any cost.
This morning after a session I went into the barn leaving her standing out in the paddock. After a minute she followed me and waited until I came back out. It has taken me a decade to gain the skills she needed me to have. She is horse – complete and absolute in her nature. If I want a relationship with her, I must change. I must become her leader – my promise to keep her safe, assure her health and nutrition. The day that she has full confidence in my leadership will be a great one. She came to me as a companion for Pete. Now he is the companion to her.

I wrote that some time ago, maybe earlier this year prior to Hank’s arrival.
I have been addressing envelopes today. My language skills are not up to par. Some of my letters had to be rewritten and I”m mixing print with cursive. Minor things but I noticed. Lingering effects of the strokes.

Ironically on that note I have been playing a Spanish and Italian digital language game again before bed at night. In the Spanish game it’s all about numbers so far. The Italian game is reading Pinocchio in Italian, so you have to match the sentences in English to the words and order of the words in Italian. I stopped playing tahta awhile ago and I”m surprised how much I’ve retained. I have a request for a young Italian couple to come for a couple of months end of year/first of next year to stay. In exchange I’ve asked that they teach me Italian. we’ll see if thy arrive or not. (I’ve left the spelling/language in this paragraph on urpose). frustrating.


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