Adventures of an Air BnB host

I’m done hosting on Air BnB, by the way. I gave it a good run. I live on a farm and have hosted travelers for a decade. The good majority of people who I’ve hosted are friendly, happy and thankful to have a safe, friendly place to stay. I’ve hosted for several months and the first wave were great people. A couple comments about “could be cleaner”, agreed, so I increased my efforts. I’m loving how clean my house is now by the way and maybe that was the lesson for me.

There is a change in attitude when you are “paying” for a room.  I did my best to meet the criteria, it’s just not worth it to me to open my home to people who see only what’s wrong with the property and have no gratitude for what’s right.

This is a bunk house, on a farm, with livestock AND FLIES.  The flies get in the house, every time you open the door.  We have fly swatters readily available for use.  These people want to be pampered and catered to for a pitance.  I finally lowered my nightly rate to $18+ (cleaning fee, tax, Air BnB fee, etc) and still someone came in and went right back out the revolving door.  Do you know how many hours it takes me to clean this space? 4-8 hours to prepare for 1 stay.  Vacum, beds, windows, mirrors, porch, shared spaces, parking, yard etc.  For $18 and the priviledge of seeing someone make a snarky expression because there are flies in the house.  No thank you.  I’m out.

Give me the weary travelers from Couch Surfing, Warm Showers, Work Away, Wwoof, Global Freeloaders and like minded communities.  I offer you a warm, safe bed, a private/shared room (depending on who is here), a hot shower, washing facilities for your clothes, indoor storage for your bikes and trailers, a firepit and wide open skies that can be viewed inside or out.  Share a meal with me, share your stories and I’ll share mine.  I offer you laughter, love and acceptance as we walk this road together even if just for a day.

I digress.  I’ts 8:40 am and I have done nothing but feel deflated today.  I have calls to make and a

I have a business to run.  I’ve had breakfast and coffee and it is a Blessed Day.  I know this because today I woke up and said “Good morning, God.  What will we do today?”

Hope to start writing more again, maybe from the road.  Most of the next 2 weeks I’m off work.  I’ll be riding and cleaning and planning and following through with my plans.  I think that’s it.

Love you all.


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