This rendition in my FB feed today.  :20 to 2:30

Love is not a victory march, it’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah.

This man is singing it for his 4 year old son. Tears and chills.  The love the tenderness.  The joy that fills me sometimes bursts through my eyes and cannot be contained.  God’s spirit the only thing that can fill the aching hole in my heart, drained by years of life.

The theme lately has been “Do you trust Him?”

The answer to walk by faith accepting that the answers may not always be given but responding to and recognizing divine appointments as they present themselves.  I’m tired.  I’m filled.  I’m exuberant.  I’m exhausted.  I exhale this deep deep mourning that has attached itself to my soul.  And I rejoice in guidance of the spirit as I am used for His glory.  When you don’t have the answers, you have to listen closer with a quiet heart and open mind.

Be well, my friends.

All My Love


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