I live, strive to live by being nice to people most of the time.  I believe that you reap what you sew.  I am by any count kind, forgiving, loving and helpful.  I wonder now in the middle of this conflict am I sewing or reaping?  The following is one of my favorite stories about my mother.

Mom working in the ER in Ottumwa General Hospital back around 1976-1978 time frame.  She worked 2nd shift if I remember correctly.  One evening a man and his girlfriend were brought in after a horrendous motorcycle crash.  He was teaching her how to ride his Harley and she collided with a cement telephone pole.  In the hours that followed as the staff worked to save his life the waiting room filled to capacity with their friends and relatives.

The hospital staff is reported to have avoided the waiting area and blown off inquiries to the prognosis, except mom who got them coffee, brought them updates and did what my mother did best calmed the beast and comforted the sick.

After many hours, the man died of the injuries.  His damages were too extensive to save his life.  His name from my mother’s telling was Dudley and he was the leader of the area Hell’s Angels biker group.  She was invited to the private funeral and told “if you ever need ANYTHING, we’re there for you.”

I’ve known many bikers.  I’ve known many people from all walks of life and I’ve done my best to see through the exterior to the heart of the human.  I want to see you where you are and where you’ve been.  I want to walk next to you, supportive in this journey.  I want to live and let live.  And I want to be respected in my own path and beliefs.

Bikers in general don’t scare me.  I’ve seen too much kindness, love and frivolity in the biker community to feel fear.  The people who I fear are those who have a blackened heart.  Those who Satan has solidly sunk his claws into and dances around like a puppet.  Like a man who has entered the circle of my world, wreaking havoc on my home and threatening my family; the horses, my son, myself and the few things I own.  People who find it desirable to break other people because they cannot find peace for their own crimes, their own decisions.  These are the people who are frightening to me.  The rabid dogs of society, unpredictable, violent and beyond my help.

Yet, I am not scared.  The worst scenario is my horses could be stolen and sold to slaughter, my possessions could be stolen and sold for drugs, my son could be harmed and I could be harmed or killed.   I have faced this before maybe 1/2 a dozen times.  It is beyond my control.  There are times like this when I wonder did the promise given my mother pass onto me?  If I asked would someone honor that?  I find that I am incapable of causing another human being intentional harm.  The threat is real.  I am powerful under God’s protection.  Everything is happening perfectly.  It is well with my soul.

Lord, move.  Or Move Me.

In Jesus name I pray, help me to learn what I need to learn and move these individuals to a peaceful heart.  Despite the intent held against me, I wish them no harm.  It’s been overdue, to be honest.  Life has been challenging lately, but good.  I woke up this morning.  My son is home and clean.  Lola and Booda and Juice lay watching when I woke up.  It truly is well with my soul.

I am no sap.  Tomorrow (later today) I will be taking action to protect myself and those I love.  Wheels are in motion and now we wait.  God Bless, everyone.



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