My Grandmother’s China

It’s a season of de0cluttering again.  What I have left is the lower level of the house where I have about 30-40 boxes of treasures that need to be gone through (again) since I haven’t used or loved most of the stuff remaining.  Today I spent a couple of hours cleaning off a long – soon to be gardeners table that has a fair amount of upstairs treasures piled on it.  Most of that has been reduced to Give Away, Put Away, Throw Away containers, with a box of recycling, fresh trash can lined and ready, a box of burn materials, a box for Goodwill and 2 large trash bags sitting at the door.

Three of the boxes that I took down earlier this fall contained my grandmother’s silver and china.  My grandfather asked her on their 25th Anniversary what she wanted.  It is reported that she said “Leo, I want a nice set of china.”  Being a loving and dutiful husband they got some catalogues and she spent a good amount of time choosing a pattern.  Several weeks later a large box arrived and grandma unpacked them and washed them admiring how pretty they were and bubbling like a new bride.  Grandpa was delighted to see his bride enjoying their gift.  As she was putting them away he noticed she was stacking them in a high cupboard for safe keeping and he said to her in the tone I still hear from my delightful grandfather when he was unhappy “God dammit Gladys!  I didn’t buy that for you to put up in a cupboard and never use.  You put those dishes where you can reach them and we’re going to use them.”  My grandfather was a spirited little Englishman and when you heard that tone you simply did as you were told.


Grandma passed in 1986, shortly after I graduated from High School.  Grandpa passed many years later and my mother inherited the china, which had been stored again in a closet until I received them when my mother passed in 2006.  They have again been packed away – mostly because it’s not the pattern I would have chosen and I don’t have the heart to try to sell them.  I brought them upstairs today, washed them and made a cupboard where they live now.  The original set was a full setting for 8 including a meat platter, 2 serving bowls and a gravy boat.  I broke the meat platter several years ago.  Several of the plates have small chips in the sides and a couple have a crack running through them.  Most of the pieces have 7 remaining of the original 8.

Those that are missing served the purpose they were designed for.  Those that remain will do the same, some will break.  They are a reminder to me now to fulfill my purpose.  Use me for what I have been tempered for.  That china is tougher than it looks.  I am too.

Grandma's China

Grandma’s China

I did find a manufacturer that produced this pattern and I think I will begin a new Christmas tradition this year and buy a replacement for the meat platter that broke serving turkey one Thanksgiving a few years ago.  I look at these every day and remind myself how well I was loved by both of my grandparents and that every day is a day to celebrate living.

God Bless everyone.

All My Love.


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