This is the first song on my Pandora playlist this morning. By Big Daddy Weave.

I’m feeling the other overwhelmed.

Yesterday was a day.

Eric brought Lola out to visit.  I haven’t seen her for 3 weeks since they got their place together and I’ve been missing him a lot.

I was talking to our landlord about buying some hay that had just come in and asked Eric to help for me since I still shouldn’t be lifting much; I havn’t been released yet.

He jumped right in and was up on the hay wagon sorting and throwing down bales to Tim.  They were about 1/2 done when Eric’s foot slipped between 2 bales, he lost his balance and fell over with his leg still caught between bales.  He jacked his leg out just before falling over the edge of the hay wagon to the ground.  He has a very high pain tolerance – and he was in pain.   Begging and crying about the pain.  We walked him half way to the house then Tim picked him up and carried him the rest of the way in.

He went to a hospital to be treated.  They were rude and judgemental, completed x-rays stated he should probably have an MRI and then released him without medication and without a wrap on the knee.

He came back here and by now the knee is swollen and hard.  We went to the other hospital around 12:30 who treated him, wrapped the leg, gave him a script and instructions about care and sent us back home.

Prior to him coming out he had moved out of the rooms he had been renting due to the renter hitting Lola and being abusive to his significant other and to Eric.

He has been excelling at his job as a landscaper and was one week short of being offered a permanent position, raise and promotion.  Now his knee is jacked up and he may not be able to do that job because he was being a good son and helping me, cheerfully.  He said “we move wheelbarrows of rock up and down hills all day, I can’t do that without my knees”.

I say ENOUGH, Lord.  He has come full circle and is growing in maturity. He’s walked away from influences that used to rule his life and time.  He’s stepping out in faith – we had a long, long talk about spiritual warfare last night.

Father, it’s time to bless this young man with abundance.

He needs a home, with his dog.

He is deserving of being able to meet all of his expenses.

Amazing Grace – this song just came on:  Your love never fails, and never gives up and never runs out on me.  by Passion

Be well, my friends.  I know God’s got this.  Waiting on Him is the hardest part of living.


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