On Hold

I have been logging into my work computer to check emails and make a change to my next paycheck and can’t get in. Yet, tech says everything seems to be working correctly. Hmmm I wasn’t planning on spending my morning with tech support but at least we can tackle this before I’m trying to log on for work again in a couple of weeks.

I checked here to make sure my web access is working and it is. At least I can do something while listening to hold music.

After resetting my password twice and escalating to another support person it was found that my own NEW manager after 2 months of having access to our email system while I was on leave requested that my access be disabled on July 1 following an email sent to him mid June and no communication to me that there were changes.  He sent me an email response to my work account though…humans!  Think Pooh.  If you just requested my access be disabled, how will I see that message?

The kicker though is I sent the message to his attention in the first place – he had not responded to it proactively.  I hate training new managers.

Very frustrating and has now created additional logging issues for me when I go back to work.  That will probably take 1-2 hours to straighten out before I will be able to be productive.  sigh


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