Medical Update 7-2

Yesterday was very frustrating for me.  I was ordered to complete a 30 day heart test monitor and that was terminated on June 1, the equipment was returned and I’ve been waiting for the test results.

I have a procedure Monday that requires me to drink 4 Liters of PEG-3350 (colon cleanse).  The 2nd listed side effect (contraindication) of this medication is Cardiac Arrhythmia.  Most of my medical people have been pointing at Atrial Fibrillation as a reason for the stroke and today is a holiday for most so answers were needed yesterday – Is this safe for me to drink or do I need to reschedule this procedure?

The problem is no one had received the test results and 2 different medical reps assured me that “these things just take a while and they have to read for each day of the test”, this was a direct quote from one of them.  It has been a MONTH!  Surely a cardiologist doesn’t wait 30 days to do an initial read of a 30 day test?

FRIENDS:  YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO IS ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR HEALTH.  The medical community is two busy (literally) stopping the hemorrhaging in society to follow up with your minor issue.  S/He who bleeds buckets gets the attention and once the symptoms have been addressed you are replaced by someone in worse condition.  God help us and He has by sending amazing plants to address human suffering.  I digress.

First Call:  My primary care physicians office.  “We haven’t received the tests yet”.

Second Call:  Stroke Clinic “We haven’t received the tests yet”

Third Call:  “The test was ended on June 1 and the results were sent back on June 2”

To which provider?

“To the ordering physician”, which was the general practitioner at the hospital.

Fourth Call:  Ordering physicians office.  Tests were read on June 2 and faxed to your primary care physicians office.”  Can you give me any idea of the outcome/results? “The monitor was activated on 10 abnormal occassions but none of them correlate to any issues of concern” (later this was described as escalations found in a normal heartbeat).  Good news, right?  Yippeee.

Fifth Call:  Primary Care physician, the cardiac physicians readings were faxed to you on June 2 “Let me call you back:

Sixth Call:  Stroke Clinic “the cardiac physicians readings were completed on June 2, Dr. advised in my last appointment that she would follow up with the heart test and contact me with the results (argumentative nurse) “There is nothing in your chart indicating we would follow up”… ongoing theme of the conversation, of which I am proud I expressed myself calmly, listened to her excuses and finally was able to end the call with 2 “I need” statements.  Get the test results.  Tell me if there is any concern with me consuming this medication.  “Let me call you back”

Both offices called back after obtaining a copy of the report.  Neither apologized for not following through to request the test results after a certain period of time.  However, my primary care physicians nurse did empathize on her 3rd call back about the frustration I was feeling and was able to put a copy of the report in front of my physician and are in agreement that the solution is safe for me to consume.


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