Day Two

Written a couple of days ago and Word flaked so the post wasn’t sent.

I doubt if I will continue with a counting thread. I napped for about an hour yesterday watching a Parelli Video, OnLine Level 2. I’ve had these for a couple of years and don’t remember watching them through. It’s been the opportunity of time off and restricted activity that has prompted me to sit and listen. It’s paying off in spades with Autumn. She’s been confined to a stall at night, forcing me to handle her two or three times a day while walking her in and out morning and evening. She has become very quiet (i.e. No Drama) to work with and rarely panics and bolts. The geldings could care less but it’s hard for Callie to have her in and out. In the morning she is so needy when Autumn joins the herd. I considered leaving her out with them last night but she started a catch game with me so I had to follow through.

We have a few rules. I was able to approach her with a rope 3 times yesterday in the large pasture with no drama. I have decided to give her the weekends off to be with her friends since weekends are usually busy for me and I usually reach my walking steps in spades. I’m at 6500 steps per day this week. That has been challenging for me and there were 2 days I didn’t meet the goal so I’m considering continuing 6500 for next week and jumping to 7000 the following week. (It’s now next week and I did continue the 6500 steps which I havn’t met any days this week, I have plateaued).
The catch me game is this; If she runs when I come to catch her, then I ask her to run until she asks me if she can stop running/trotting/playing a fool..
If she starts a catch me game then she is separated from the herd for that time period. She’s very independent so that’s not an issue but she prefers to be with the herd.  She’s also very smart.  I first separated her on June 2nd.  Today is July 3rd.

It’s hard to write since my brain is moving the thoughts around out of logical positions.  This is not the post I was mindful of when I woke up.  I was rudely woken around 0600 by a bathroom dream.  I was sitting on what felt like an oil pan, mounted to a large round bail of hay using the toilet in a smallish room.  My companion (family) invited some of my friends in who were curious why I was sitting and not getting up to greet them.  There was a canoe involved at some point and then several of us were racing (floating) down a river but I was still on the oil pan and then I woke up and realized I had peed the bed.  Well, Good Morning!!  That pretty much ended my night and now I have to wash bedding.

And on that note my brain has stopped functioning as a writer and the long post that I was creating early this morning has been filed away, at least for now.

Be well my friends, All My Love.


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