Day One by Mathew West

This song was on this morning when I was thinking about my health and age.  No one from church has contacted me since shortly after I left the hospital – that’s very discouraging since I have no transport to get to services.  Yes.  I will call them, and I know that everyone has life happening.  It’s just that this is the first time I’ve had a major illness in my life and I was hoping for more support.  I would think the pastor of care would at least call periodically.  se la vie.

Anyway.  I met with a DoTerra representative yesterday.  “nature’s medicine cabinet for your home”, Essential Oils primarily and have decided to jump in hook line and sinker.  The medical community continues to throw pills at the symptoms which I appreciate, but I want a cure I don’t want to live a lesser life than I could have and that responsibility lies with me not my Doctor. (And on that note, the final decision has been solidified).

I informed you thusly, (quote from Sheldon Cooper) that I am going to track my progress for both medicinal and holistic treatments and their effects.  I did use the sample toothpaste last night and this morning.  It doesn’t foam as I was advised, it does leave a sweet clove taste in your mouth which I can still smell even having drank coffee after.

Another sample that was left for me is a small vial of Wild Orange.  It smells amazing!  I’ve breathed it when I woke up a couple of times and will have some in a glass of ice water shortly.  I am very excited about this transition and fully intend to be healthier by the time I am 60 than I have ever been.

Money issues is a constant companion.  Part of this change is to open up the plentiful stores and invite wealth to me.  The only outside force being God’s will and my prayers and actions.  Cinderella must die.

Be well my friends, All my love.


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