My FB reply to Carolina shooting


My heart is broken again. For the church members who are personally effected, for the families of the shooter. For this young man.

And my response to one of the comments:

[You do realize his family is who taught him to hate this much, right? Prejudice is learned and his father have him the gun. Why would you feel sorry for him or his family?]

Yes. But we as a nation must unite in love not hate if we are to turn the tides and live with joy in all men/women/children with the earth. I love you as I love him. The families of the 9 murdered have each other and the support of the nation. He is but one of millions of young people who are lashing out from lack of direction, education, guidance. Gross acceptance of drugs, poverty, violence. Too much violence in their young lives – and we accept it and then crucify them when they break. WHAT IF people in his life had met him with great love and acceptance, offered him an alternative? Demonstrating by their actions great love and caring? I see a young man, broken, desperate or driven. It sounds like you see only a criminal. I don’t know him, so I am trying not to judge him. “Just because I am silent (mourning) does not mean I have nothing to say.” the late Dr Maya Angelou


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