Sunday Afternoon Movies

For some reason Robin Williams has been prevalent in the movies I’m drawn to this week. Today “The Angriest Man in Brooklyn”. About a man who finds out he has a brain aneurism and is told he has 90 minutes to live. It’s not about his death, but about how he lives the last 90 minutes. How he tries to recover the missing time with him family and how he’s driven them all away. You cannot live someone else’s life for them. You have to live your own. Even if you see someone who is in desperate need of help and reaching out for someone to stop them – you cannot live their life. In the alcoholic relationships I am the rescuer. It’s curious what roles you take on. I have been the enabler with my son, so I recognize an enabler when I find one. It’s a shame they don’t recognize that role themselves.

The other movies today were Blended – funny and The Pretty One, about a twin who assumes her twin sisters identity after the sister dies in an auto accident. Well done movie.

I need something lighter. Rio should work the magic.

I am so blessed to have a son who came home for me at this very difficult time. Sometimes in a dysfunctional relationship the children see what they do not want to grow in their own families. I have done that with my own son. I will never have that with my father. But my son knows my deep and dedicated love for him. Just him being a part of my life. It is a sacrificial love for him. I am so blessed.


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