I pray for you every day.  There is still a gaping hole in my heart where your friendship was. If you ever decide to walk back into my life, know that the door is open. This time I am clear on the relationship. You are a treasured friend and I miss talking to you. How are your kids? Did you marry that cutie you were seeing? What went down in Afghanistan (not the details of course, but are you still there)? How’s your dog?

The letters we shared empowered me to start blogging and to write. I have not found another outlet to keep writing as I did when you were my target audience, I have tried many ways. When I think of you I picture the character played by John Travolta in From Paris With Love – Bad Ass! Kicking ass and taking no names. You are an amazing man, my hero.

If you are home, I hope life has settled down (a little) for you and you’ve made a smooth transition to ordinary citizen though the description of ordinary will never stick to you. Once a soldier…se la vie, time for me to get to work this morning.

All My Love


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