Tired and Happy

Been a quiet 2 weeks. I returned Wiley to his owner and have been focused on my own circus for the last few weeks. He called Friday and asked for my help, he has a hearing tomorrow. I have to call him back and set up a time to help with the yard. I gave him my word.

Meanwhile, having a great time with the Peonies knitting group and by extension the Prairie Yarn Over group and picked up 4 charity projects yesterday – because 18+ wasn’t enough? of my own to keep going. But they are fairly simply quick projects. One is a minion hat – which I am really excited to start but have to be disciplined on first. I finished my first stained glass Beta tank this week and my little buddy is at home in it now. I’ll do a few things different with the next projects but am pretty excited about it now.

It’s hard to get a good photo – my flash keeps lighting up the inside when I want the sunshine through the stained glass to be the primary light source.  Here it is.


I’m having a hard time refraining from taking a nap in the afternoons now that I have a split shift. I’m loving the daytime sunshine and being outside though.


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