Today’s message:  I rejoice each time you discover my presence.  You will seek me and find Me, when you seek Me above all else.

Meeting with staff today to discuss next steps.  I took the week off to take care of my own business and all I’ve been focusing on is his business – I’m frustrated, disappointed in my lack of discipline and still have everything that I meant to get done this week left to do.

I have to stop at work at get another copy of the FMLA application since we can’t find the one I left at the hospital.

This is a cute picture of my guest hound.  Too much going on today.  Not my circus, not my monkeys.



He’s discovered tennis balls and will bring them back for about 20 minutes before getting bored or wore out.  He is also gaining confidence in his “yard” and was following his nose this morning.  I’m happy that he chose to keep one eye on me too and came back when he saw me walking the other way.  He doesn’t have a recall yet, so it’s a little disconcerting when he gets out too far.  He stays a respectful distance away from the horses – not afraid but cautious.  That in itself will keep everyone safe.



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