Wiley vs Cat(s)

Funny. This morning when we came in from our walk most of the cats met us at the door. It was a feline smorgasbord for this canine. He walked past one. Bounced at another. Pursued a third into the living room talking at it. Then turned around, came back to me wagging his tail. I think he understands, but I wouldn’t leave him alone with them yet. Even when he eats he hasn’t looked cross eyed at any of them looking into his bowl or walking past him. I feed him, then call the cats for their breakfast.

He has really awful gas from some turkey I gave him yesterday. I ate some too but it seems to be having worse effects on him. No more for him today! It will have to go in the trash.

I accomplished very little yesterday, so I bid you adeiau in order to get a couple of things off my list before leaving for knitting for a couple of hours. My phone lost power last night so I didn’t get up until 9. rats.


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