Still cleaning out papers in the office. Preparing for a home office.

Here are some notes from 2010.

Take a load off

Take a load for fire

Take a load of [me], and, and, and… put the load right on me. Put the load right on me.


Take me into the holy of holies – take me in by the blood by blood of lamb.

Take me into to the holy of holies – take the coal, touch my lips, here I am!


Let the freedom of the king, rise among us!

Let it rise

We are not shaken, we are not moved, we wait upon the Lord.


I want to be unmovable, unshakable, so that my roots go down deep. Unmovable, unshakable in you.


Disciples deeply rooted in Jesus.

The Apostles creed

Gal 5:16 Deeply spiritual growth is a lot like digging a hole to China. The more you dig, the more you realize how big the project really is.


Healthy things grow.


When discussing this and Obama before service today, I was chastised that my friend supports the president*. I do to. I respect the office – and the person who holds that office. I also am intelligent and have a constitutional right to speak my mind in questioning his decisions. *and jumped to an untrue conclusion.

*When asking to not discuss this yesterday – my friend jumped to an untrue conclusion that I am anti-Muslim. There was no discussion after that point. The door of discussion was slammed shut.

I am anti-terrorism. It just happens that in this time, the Muslim world is experiencing a polarization similar to the Christian crusades. Everyone toughed is effected – so let’s pull FOR; in support of those who want to live peaceably together.

The Christ centered disciple then begins to live in the power of God.

Fruits of the spirit.

If you are in step with the spirit you will see the fruits of the spirit in your life.

Study reveal 120,000 disciples taken survey

Exploring/New Believer – regular worship with God’s people. Transformational teaching. What does regular worship mean? Never missing a Sunday with God’s people? Attending ½ or less? Not “regular”

Growing: scriptural reflection. Study reading, memorizing Regular “daily” meditating on the Word.

Christ Centered life – serving with proper attitude

1010/10 10am College Park move in. god is pushing me out of my comfort box and asking me to serve people out of love.


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