Many Years of Solitude

I was considering the book by a similar name, but since I haven’t read it yet and since it is such a revered work of fiction I refrain from comparing this note to that story.

I will lead a solitary life. It’s a statement. It’s been true to this point and I have no reason to believe it will be different in the future. Finding a partner to share life with doesn’t appear to be in the plans for me. There could be many reasons.

I choose poorly to begin with.

I push people away (a result of disassociation which is a side effect of child abuse)

It is easier to live solo than it is to be susceptible to heart break.

My world is getting smaller and smaller – which happens as many people age. The focus is on fewer and fewer interests.

Friends come and friends go, there are a handful who knew me as a child who remain a constant but those relationships seemed to have stagnated at a certain level. I can still call any of them up and we can pick up where we left off but they have their lives and I have mine.

Despite this there is still joy in life. Interest in the seasons, changes and new beginnings remains strong. I’m thinking about pursuing a career in oceanography. It is well with my soul.

Love you all.

Then I saw this short video.  Amen

The epitome of service.


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