Madness in the world. People shooting and getting shot over trivial things. Iranian ships parked off the coast of US waters (never during any other administration, ever). Sympathetic political atmosphere. Disrespect and tragedy in the news. The world is becoming more and more polarized, pressing onward toward a massive change and no one can stop it. What are we to do? Love. Love is the only answer.

In a movie theatre one patron showing love (and respect to another) by turning off a cell phone or restricting their personal use when it was known to be disruptive to another patron. Phone use is out of control – . Show respect and love to those around you. And the one who asked. Love. Show love to the young man being so disrespectful. Participate. If you can’t win, join them. There are so many other things you could have done instead of shredding the lives of each your families.

At a gas pump a young man expressing his joy in life with music. He’s young. He’s alive. He’s full of passion. It could have been my son who plays his music in the car way too loud. Love this young man-remember when you were young and your elders could not believe the lengths you would go to love life. Young men and women love your elders, remember to show respect and be aware of how your actions affect other people.

Every day we have a choice. The Lord views the sin of judgment as harshly as he sees every other sin. We are equal in His eyes.

Love thy neighbor as thyself. Difficult in today’s political and socioeconomic environment. As for me and my house…


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