Mechanics – hate it when

Men (mechanics) hate it when women are right about things – especially mechanical things.

Me “Sounds like a ball joint is failing”

Mechanic “No, we checked that”

Later that day “Here’s the service fee, we had to replace the ball joint.”

This happened quite a while ago. I am cleaning out my studio and found some old writing. This one made me chuckle.


Random thoughts found on a small piece of paper.

1/15 (2103?)

Little girl dancing with her daddy. Pink ruffle skirt, colorful tights (hose) or socks.

Past the deadline of recovery for global warming (the Onion)

Lead me on and I will run after you (song about faith)

Roots in iowa, thinking about moving.

Pray to grow near to God, open doors to intimacy (with God), open doors to spiritual reality.

Divine encounters.



Present – honesty who I am, where I am



Approach – other things [are] in the way

fears, doubts, frailties, faults

Omnipotent, omnipresent, what is in man.

Tell me all your thoughts on God (song)

Let all the little children come to me (We are the Children)


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