Verizon (again!)

…so I waited a couple weeks to go back to the Verizon store to convert my phone to a pay as you go and I can use my current phone but they want a $35 activation fee (but I already have service with them…WTF??) plus one month (reasonable) in advance.

I left the store but I didn’t yell at anyone this time.
So my phone cost $50 month to have service before I added my son to the plan for the Advertised $10 additional family member BUT there is a monthly charge of $60 for family share plan PLUS service of $50 per phone line – which is $140 a month, not the advertised $60…

I expect to pay for usage and I really resent getting taken advantage of “because everybody else is doing it too”.

Other than that life is grand! I’m watching omg Too Cute!


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