It’s all about me

WOW. Just overheard a woman belittling her husband in front of family/friends/mom…not sure of the relationship. He was in tears. She was just being a bitch “everything I do, me, me, me…blah blah blah” I’d leave your ass too.

Wow again. It’s been that kind of week. I’m on my 2nd Pina colada at Fiesta del Sol – yummy and waiting for Frankie to arrive. I’m having food too so no worries! Watching Futbol on the big screen and enjoying the ambiance of an authentic Mexican restaurant. Eric is on a delivery today for his job. He was just made salary (as a dishwasher) and is kicking butt and taking names. He’s so proud when he’s working…I may have to speak with fiance’ about remembering to build him up when he’s not working. Their aim is to save enough money to go back out on the road. I’m a big fan of that. He is very happy when he’s free to make music.

I did not win the mini laptop I was bidding on this morning – outbid by $2 and that’s quite fine with me!  It was a good deal for someone but I hadn’t fully committed to spending the money and am content that I lost the bid.  I did spend almost the equivalent at the yarn store this morning.

Surprisingly my brain is full. I don’t have one creative thought to share. I find that hysterically funny. Therefore, my friends I bid you adieu for the time being. I’m going to sit and enjoy.

All My Love.


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