Work and Play

In the last 2 and the next 3 weeks I’ve been working almost every hour that will be approved for double time OT.

I am also planning a trip to the Horse and Soul Tour in Texas and Mississippi as a volunteer so I’ve been scanning the web for tickets, hotels, car and reservations.  I have to put some work into the car.  It must have new tires this year, I have an oil leak, the fan isn’t working inside for heat/air and the secondary fan isn’t coming on in the engine so I have to watch for overheating if I’m idling too long.  There is also an item in the front end that needs to be addressed, one of the ball joints was loose last year and I’ve driven on it so it has to be secured before it causes more damage.

The horses have been doing great.  Fat and happy to be left alone most of the time.  Autumn got a new fly mask and that was low drama putting it on her and taking it off.  We have switched fly spray brands to a 2 week type instead of spraying them every day.  Less chemicals, less cost and no drama (mostly).  They are funny when you first put it on, it’s a little itchy and they all go down and roll in the sand trying to get it off.  It’s one that you drizzle along the top line and on each leg.

Speaking of travel – I found this listing of train vacations/packages and I would really like to do all of them.  Time is the only non-renewable resource that we have.  How are you spending yours?

Well, kids. 0748 and work at 0915, still need to shower and tend to ponies.

Have a Blessed Day.

All My Love


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