Wherever your mind goes, reality follows.

Thanks to one of the posters on Christian Truckers forum for the above quote.

Another Parellism this morning “The more you use the reins, the less they use their brains.” Thanks Pat, I love that one.

Sunday’s are the shortest day of the week.  This morning I am going to get some more yarn for the rest of my bedspread, then to Verizon (again) to get my phone replaced.  Home for the afternoon and hoping to get in a nap.  I may go have lunch with my bestie and the girls.  I took some cat pics yesterday among others.  Enjoy!


Jackie in shadows with her collar.


Jackie napping in her collar.  She’s in it again for a few days  while she gets medicine again.


One photo I was able to get of Booda with his eyes open!


Peanut hiding on the other side of my bed – she just peeked out to see what I was doing.

0810130917bThis is my new bedspread.  I made 24 squares and put them together, which is the size of a nice lap blanket.

I need 54 more to make it large enough for a summer cover on my mattress.

That’s what I’ll be working on in the next 3 weeks at work while I talk 60+ hours a week.

Have a blessed day.  Love you


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