That’s Good, That’s Bad

Woke up to a beautiful sunny day on Sunday. (that’s good)
Found a calf at large in the barn (that’s bad)
Checked on the owners dog who was right where he was supposed to be (that’s good)
Couldn’t catch the calf (that’s bad)
Finally caught the calf with a lasso and put her back in her paddock (that’s good)
sidenote: I don’t like working with cattle…
Came back out to put fly spray on her and found her with a leg caught in the top of the gate after she tried to jump out (that’s BAD)
Freed her without breaking the leg (that’s really good!)

No bad for most of the rest of the day. Went to church, sang and got loved, came home and sewed most of the afternoon.
My new blouse I made is too small (that’s bad/sad)
but it fits Lily if I take it in a little (that’s good)
The neighbor’s guest got in my face about the owners dog and threatened me (that’s really bad)
I called the Sheriff (that’s neither good nor bad)
They came out and talked to all of us separately (that’s good)
They didn’t arrest him (that’s bad)

They told me that my neighbor said some bad things about me, but didn’t say what (that’s bad too)
They got very interested in the owner’s dog and asked some more questions about whether the dog is being neglected and whose taking care of it (that’s also bad)
Now the owner/landlord is mad at me (that’s bad too, since I was defending him and his daughter which is what started the whole argument)

The kids came home and we watched shows together (that was good)
Eric and I had an argument at bedtime (that’s bad)
but we made up before we went to sleep and no one left in a huff (that was really good).

Its’ Monday. My day/week is starting off negative. (that’s bad)
I am the only person who can change my outlook. (that’s good, and really that’s all that matters)

Have a Blessed Day.
All My Love


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