There is an Amish crew here restoring the barn for Tim. Yesterday at 0600 they started removing the metal roofing so I was dreaming of flying metal. They are friendly, seem very nice and were polite to help the neighbor get her stuff out of the barn after they had already started working even though we had all been told the night before that they were starting. Drama queen.

I took this photo yesterday morning when I was leaving for work.
The entire North side of the roof is removed.


That is only the left side, this structure is roughly 80 X 120 – big! The guys were walking around up there like they have grown up on a roof top. Who knows, maybe they have if this is one of their primary means of income for their families.

I am listening to my morning praise music (Let It Rain, More love, More Power) and eating wiener scramble. Wieners is the only meat I had in the fridge this morning. Chopped them up with onion, broccoli, celery and an egg. Top it with some mozzarella and we have breakfast. LOL Booda is sitting right in the middle of what I intended to do and blocking my big monitor with his big head-dufus.

Tuesday night when I got home I had a little fun with my camera…it was a good hair day and I actually snapped a self-photo that I liked.  Here you are.

Have a Blessed day.

All My Love




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