More Progress

I printed the control journals from Flylady yesterday from work and this morning when my coffee is ready Lola and I will do about 45 min of desk work toward my goal. Booda is laying on the desk in front of me owl ears watching and Juice is laying on the tale next to me watching Lola. Should be productive.

I went to the doc Friday and found out that I have/had a yeast infection under my poison ivy. My skin is finally returning to normal and still itches. I’m going to have broccoli and veges in my eggs for breakfast then take the last dose of the Prednosone (sp?). I hope it’s not itchy any more by Wednesday.

It’s a thundery day. The kids are cuddled up on the couch sleeping in. I want to stay home today and enjoy the weather, but I am going to choose to go to work instead. You always have a choice

Love you all.
Have a Blessed Day


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