My granddog Lola Monroe

So like any proud grandparent, I’m babysitting this afternoon while my son goes to the tire store and gets a new tire put on the van. So while he was out my granddog Lola Monroe and I had a photo shoot. Then we talked about all the good dogs we’ve had in the family, her role in fulfilling that legacy and that unless something happens to her humans she cannot come live with me…but if something did happen to her humans that she would come live with me. hmm.

Miss Lola Monroe

The first (and likely only, though I said that about Shelties too and ended up with 3 of them!) blue nosed, brindle Pit Bull and newest addition to our family.  She’s doing well with the cats.  They all slept inside last night and everyone was at large.  She adores her family, Eric and Lily.

She also has her own Facebook page if you want to link to her from mine.  LOL

So here she is!

Her expression is more serious than she is – look at the tail wagging at warp speed!



She was waiting for a cookie.


And the other half.



Playing on my bed. We just had a very serious talk that put her to sleep, but when I stepped out to get the camer of her sprawled out with her eyes closed she followed me.




…with her mom Lily.  I’m the next best thing to her own humans.

As it should be.


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