Get Back in Charge

I have been seeing a health coach for about a month now.  One of the things that has surfaced is that my health is suffering because of a lack of discipline in my budgeting practices.

One of the practices of participating in health coaching is to write action statements i.e “I will…”  #1 on my list this week is:  I will download Pam Young’s book The Good Book this week to support the lessons learned from Dave Ramsey several years ago, that I understood but have not followed consistently.

I have done that and started to listen to it.  I have also obtained (another) copy of Flylady’s FACE Control Journal.

Self Discipline is remembering what you really want.

  • It’s your brat that doesn’t like this idea.
  • If you want to get out of debt, you have to change your behavior.
  • In order to change your thinking you have to become aware of the thoughts that have created your circumstances in the first place.
  • In order to become aware of those thoughts you have to become aware of your inner child who likes things just the way they are.


Get Back In Charge rules

1. Decide to get out of debt.

2. Set a timer for 15 min of uninterupted time to have a conversation with your inner child.

3.  Talk to your little darling often in the next week.

4.  Download the Flylady FACE Control journal.


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