Let It Rain


For example you’ll (won’t) see that I typed the above sentence originally in the tags area.   The kids are home from Dallas and my grand dog.  I NEVER in my life thought I would be ok with letting a pit bull sit in my lap and lick my face.  Lola is a lovely little girl.  I hope that with all of the research and learning the kids  are pursuing she will become a lovely companion. I’m not here for long today as I want to run the laptop back home instead of taking it to work with me.

Next week is july already!  I  have Wed off in addition to the holiday.  Last weekend Eric and Andrew  moved the cupboards out of the basement that were  supposed to go in the kitchen, as well as the couch.  I have  several photos to take to get items listed  for sale and we have plans to take a load to the dump after sorting more out!  I am quite proud of myself as I (only) have less than 20 bins to revisit, that may be less than 10 now as I haven’t actually counted them and some of them are horse gear.  4  are  sewing items, 2 are doll making items, so that accounts for about 10 that just need to be re-sorted and put together.   There are also 2 that contain tarps.   Several have scrapbooks in them – an inheritance from my mother that I have no intention of passing on to my son as his only inheritance.  I need to get the scanner  loaded and start making digital copies of the pages to share with family.

It’s a beautiful day out.  Today and the last couple of mornings Autumn sassy pants agreed to stand quietly to put her rope on, accept the fly spray and walk through the bottom of the house between  the small door and out the garage doors to the pasture.  She then also agreed to stand quietly while I took off her halter and waited to be “dismissed” before flying the flag and walking/trotting down to the herd.  Last time Erin was out we only trimmed her front feet because she wasbeing very naughty, her back feet need trimmed and are chipping.  😦  So from now until our next appointment I will be lifting her back feet on a loose lead and may end up trimming them myself-if that’s what it takes.


All My Love


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