Must be the day for what other people wrote

This article also caught my eye. I love it when parents; especially when Daddies step up and support their children.

Dad Protects Son from Bullies by Wearing a Skirt. Guess What? It Works

Skirts are comfortable.  Love the encouragement and confidence this child gained through the experience.

Here’s another Dad in the news today.  I’m really going to start my day with a smile today!  Woot Woot!

2-Year-Old Beatles Fan’s Amazing Duet with Dad Won’t Let You Down

My little haffie is alone in the paddock for the 2nd day in a row.  She decided she didn’t want to be touched with a rope this morning and I’m putting an end to the chase game.  She’s outside whinnying and looking at the house.  I would like to think she’s changed her mind but I doubt it.

And on another note I was passed over for another position I applied for last week…I’m pretty sure.  It’s Wed and no one has offered me the job…so I’m just waiting for the denial email to arrive.


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