American Pride

Yes. I have tears in my eyes listening to this.


Then it hit me. We live in a great country. We have freedom of speech, religion and the right to bear arms to defend ourselves against any peril perceived or justified. We are idealistic children in the course of history, the country only hundreds of years old (as we know it).

We are vilified by many who see what we have. Who see the waste. The excess. They see how much we have and how little we appreciate and cannot fathom our attitudes. They may or may not want what we have but definitely want a fair world – most of us do. We are not only called on to defend our beliefs, our freedom to express ourselves but we also stand out and have the ability to reach out to others, to pull them up from third world status – not less but different. We can be (as any culture can be) a self-centric organism in thinking that our way is the only way. Growing up in America we have difficulty understanding the necessity of social pressures to put the greater good above our own opinions. We live in a culture where everyone has the opportunity to pursue their own dreams. There are subcultures who would lead you to believe that isn’t true, but that is a lie. Everyone has the opportunity, less see the opportunities and fewer reach for it to do what is necessary to pursue a better life. Immigrants are some of the few who are willing to sacrifice to find their dreams.

Calling a spade a spade. The current administration has placed itself in a pickle, catering to extremists and not willing or able to call the bomb blast “terrorism” as it was. As it apparently was intended to be. Certainly the bombers are disappointed that only 3 died. The 95% conquered. The 95% must continue to be diligent in their actions, growing every stronger, reaching further into our ever shrinking world. Reaching out to others, breaking down barriers and offering what we can. We have so much! There is immeasurable power in those small individual acts. The power of the mind of humanity giving as needed, undermining terror, disengaging the negative view of selfish Americans. Don’t let it stop there. Move as a nation to wrap that attitude around the world.

All My Love


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