Letter to Hy-Vee

I wrote this to Hy-Vee this afternoon after nearly crying over the dumb mashed potatoes.

I just left your store. I am not feeling well and I wanted some mashed potatoes, hoping that would settle my queasy stomach since I work until 10pm. (it was 4:30pm)

At the cafeteria one young man was helping another customer. I waited. He then helped an older woman who had come up behind me. I waited again-respect for elders. There were 4 other employees behind the area. The young women making sandwiches promptly addressed the handsome man standing 3-4′ from her station – clearly not ready to order – even though he had also come up after me.

The first young man then said “be with you in a minute” while he helped someone else. One of the other 4 may have made an effort at that point but I had had enough.

I went to the front of the store and attempted to get the attention of one of the managers who looked at me out the corner of one eye and walked away. The 3 employees behind the “customer service” desk also ignored me.

Of the other dozen or so employees at the customer service counter/check out lanes – none offered any assistance or curiosity about a customer standing in the middle of the isle staring at them.

I left the store at that point instead of making a scene.

In case their memories are foggy I am a stocky, short woman with purple and silver hair, wearing a hound’s-tooth black and white plaid coat but it also doubles as my invisibility cloak so I understand why they may not have seen me.

It was clearly my responsibility to catch the eye of someone in your store who can see. Be that as it may I am not happy and will be exploring other stores in the future. I have been known to spend between $50 and $150 per week at one of the branches.

This was the nail.
The gas price malarkey would be great IF your partner would actually deduct the discount before I pay for gas. When I want to pump $40, I want $40 in gas at the lowest price – not $40 and then have to walk back into the store for my refund!!

Recently a decision was made to close the Veridian branch on Mount Vernon Road – seriously -SERIOUSLY- undervaluing that service and again redirecting me to your competitors where I am very likely to spend much less money on groceries – I use Hy-Vee FOR THE CONVENIENCE! If it’s not convenient for me than I will plan better to avoid you..

Yesterday the flower clerk (Edgewood again) adjusted a price right in front of me when it rang up wrong – even though the store policy is “if it rings wrong its free”, I did speak to one of the female managers about that.


When I got home there was a response in my email:
Thank you for writing Hy-Vee.

I am very sorry that you were disappointed with the service you encountered at the Cedar Rapids #7 store.

I forwarded your comments to Tracy Kading, store director of that location so he can review your remarks and contact you. I have also forwarded your message to Tracy’s supervisory officers for their review.

Thank you for letting us know about your experience so we can investigate. Again, I am truly sorry that you were disappointed with your experience at this store.


I don’t expect anything. I stopped at KFC on the way home and got some potatoes, now am just waiting for Big Bang Theory then to bed!!


Update:  Tracy Kading called first thing this morning to apoogize and later the Hy-Vee catering manager delivered mashed potatoes and both beef and chicken gravy personally to me right at my lunch hour with a letter of apology from the store manager and gift card for $15.  

Well done, Hy-Vee.  

I wasn’t expecting any compensation.  The apology was appreciated.  The potatoes were delicious.


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