I have about 3 free minutes this morning before going into work.

…and they are gone.
I would have blogged this morning but being all snuggled in my room was so awesome that I couldn’t bring myself to move – even to reach out of the covers and turn on the laptop. Brushed the ponies for a while after letting them out. They are shedding. Had breakfast and now my alarm is going off to get me out to the car and in to another 11 hour shift of record numbers of calls and no time between. We’ve had a massive exodus of reps (12), closed down 1 of the 3 offices and statements went out Mar 31. Oh – and for the procrastinators tax time and they can’t find the 1099’s and want a copy sent ASAP before Monday so they can file. Good times. I’m burnin’ out this time.

Otherwise its a beautiful spring day, the little birds are all at the feeder and Jackie is feeling much better. She jumps on the counter for me to give her the medicine and asks for neck rubs where her collar is bothering her – my new BFF! Have a blessed day everyone, I’ll try to write again this weekend. Teaching at Village all day Sat so I’ll have time to work on the blanket.

All My Love


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