Money is still the theme

I didn’t stop soon enough and thank God for friends.
It’s going to be a tight couple of weeks and everything that needs to be paid will or has been paid.

Jackie is doing great! In the 4 days since her vet visit, change of food and creams her skin is almost all cleared up and she isn’t itching/licking nearly as much as she was. She has even shown a proclivity to sit with me and get petted and rubbed while she purrs. We took a nap together on Friday afternoon, she was curled up around my neck laying sprawled out on my right shoulder with her little Elizabethan collar on. I’ve seen dogs wearing these atrocious things but cats are much funnier with them on. She only walked backward for the first hour. She has since worked out how to function with the thing on like blinders around her head and tonight she even felt happy enough to chase the pointer…as best she could.

peanut on the other hand has taken to whipping up on Skyler for no better reason than he exists. He and Juice rolled each other down the hallway around 8 playing together and he made Juice squeak which is really funny since he weighs around 17 pounds and you would expect a much deeper sound to emanate from him. Yet, he sounds like someone just stepped on a rubber duck squeaker toy. he is sleeping at the foot of the bed while I type. Peanut next to him and Booda on the opposite side of her. Jackie and Sky are out in the living room being civil to one another. Sky took a nap with me on Sunday afternoon; I felt honored when I woke up and he was sleeping on my feet. He likes my roomie better and meets her at the door every morning for kitty rubs and jumps up on her bed to watch her get ready to go.

I’m tired, my friends. I switched shifts with someone who had an early doc appointment today and went in at the ungracious hour of 8:30 AM!! Unheard of 🙂
It was a nice change to come home at 7 pm when it was still light and chill with the horses for a short time. Tomorrow I need to get out and do a run before work and it’s after Midnight already. My stomach is feeling a little nauseous, not sure why.

Be well. All My Love


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