Squirrel! and some other stuff

The sky was so amazing last night. I tried to snap a couple of photos but too dark for my little cell. All I got was a light blob. The clouds were big and fluffy and the moonlight so brilliant it cut right through them. Awe inspiring.

Here is a photo of our house guest very much at home with his new family and eating from the community dish (with the girls) at breakfast while his brothers share the small dish.  They all share a can of wet food for hairball control and a couple of scoops of dry added with a little water for gravy in the AM. The girls are still hissing at him at times and keeping him in his place but he barely cares most of the time. He’s a very easy-going little guy.


And surprise! When I went out to the kitchen this little guy was at our 2nd story feeder fattening itself up on the seeds. I’m a little concerned about the extra weight on that old rope…this is one fat squirrel.  Juice was keeping watch but not very effective in discouraging the quadruped from making a mess of the seed and scattering it all over the ground below.



This is the little guy wondering if I was any danger.  He finally took me seriously when I opened the window.



About the same time after retrieving a fistful of seed and sitting firmly on the feeder to take time to enjoy the conquest.




And just how does he get to the 2nd story feeder?  No problem – just climb down!

The kids have decided to settle in Dallas and Eric in the span of 3 days has been hired for 3 separate jobs. Their friend Eric opted for a bus ride “home” to Iowa as his parents freaked him out that he would never find a job there; despite the fact that he quit a job here at a chain restaurant that also had locations in Dallas and as he was leaving the on the but got confirmation that his former employer had a greed to a transfer and he had a job to go to.  I wonder if he regrets his decision now.

Lily has stepped up in being Eric’s “manager” in helping him put a resume together and line up calls for interviews for him – organizing things is not his strong suit. I think she is checking into moving her job from Claire’s down to Dallas also – plenty of opportunity for them both and Eric was having such a hard time finding employment here and none in music.

He has his first practice today with a church band and their first performance together is on (Easter) Sunday. Pays $50 per week and gives him much-needed exposure and experience with a band.  I’m very happy for them both!  They have found a hotel that they can rent on a weekly rate of about $150.  They may have to get Lola a large kennel for day times, but they are handling it.  Wonder when they’ll be ready for their cat? I may get the opportunity to drive him down with their car this summer!! I could probably fit the car and their remaining stuff in a large u-haul trailer!

Gotta go. Run #2 Week #2 is coming up quickly. Today I will run with the class at Noon at work, shower and to work right after at 1:30. I did the run on Monday around the house. April is mandatory OT so I won’t be able to do the 4 weekly runs with the group, but plan on speaking with my boss to meet them in the lobby at Noon for the 15 min pep talk and doing my run prior to going in.  I’ll be able to do all 4 in May and run with the group at the 5k that we are targeting.

Be well, my friends.

All My Love

Here are a few pony pictures to end the post!

008The herd waiting at the gate when I got home one afternoon last weekend.

009The girls with their butts to the gate pouting because the boys get extra time on the large round bale.  The girls are already large and round so they don’t need the extra time!


002Winter play just last week.  if you don’t like the weather in Iowa “wait one minute – it will change”.  Today it’s over 40 and we are stripping off our winter coats!!  horses and humans alike Woo Hoo.




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