Saturday Habits

We started a new habit this morning. Roomie and I both want to be healthy and exercise on a regular basis so we made a pact to walk on Saturday mornings. Up around 7″30 and did a 2 mile walk at a nearby trail, got my third rotation in as well and enjoyed all the birds in the area.

In addition to a morning walking routine I MUST finish this blanket and have dedicated a couple hours at least for every saturday until its finished.  I’m teaching at Village again in April and have to line up several craft shows in addition to the 5k races I’ll be going to this year.

Week 2 starts Monday.

Jog 90 seconds, walk 60 seconds

Tomorrow is a rest day. This afternoon it was groceries, yummy dinner of Ahi Tuna steak and brussels sprouts, worked on my blanket for about an hour and watched movies.

Cowgirls & Angels – cute with horses. Woo Hoo!

Cirque du Soleil, Worlds Away – I would really like to see this show live!

Rise of the Guardians – sweet movie with a nice story line and heroes.

Here Comes the Boom – which was my favorite movie of the 4.  Why do I like fighting movies now?  I’ve never been able to stand watching fighting.

The kids had a wonderful time on Catalina and I haven’t heard from them so am not sure if they are in Texas or in between Cali and Texas.

I was planning on going south again next year for vacation but I’ve been looking into renting a place on Catalina for a week instead and taking the kids back out.  I’ve been wanting to go back anyway and need to take mom’s ashes to spread in the ocean.  THe flat that I’m looking at accomadates 6 and there are only 4 of us…so 2 extra spaces available for a friend?  I’ll have to see as the date gets closer.  I’ll be here for another winter and then I am expecting to move south to the ocean.

We had a bale of hay delivered this afternoon.  The house guest is making himself right at home and eating on the counter with the other cats now.  Jackie is beating him up now and he’s playing with the boys – they are chasing each other around and pouncing on each other.


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