Verdicts in Steubenville high school rape trial

I have not been following this story very closely, but I’ve been aware of it. The verdict is in, I concur that more people who knew about the crime and did not come forward should have been held accountable.  As I say that I also say let it be finished.  It is time now for healing and forgiveness.  Come back together.  Become stronger as a community than you already thought you were.  Embrace your youth, make this the turning point of a better society.

In regards to this particular article this sentence stood out to me.

“I have pity for you both. I hope you fear the Lord, repent for your actions and pray hard for his forgiveness,” she (mother of the victim’s mother addressing the two young men convicted) concluded.

I would pray that the person who made that statement pray hard to forgive them, God already has.

This is a tragedy on all counts.
I am thankful that the boys are being held accountable for their choices and disturbed that others are not being held accountable.

No one leaves a situation like this unchanged. Some for the better others for the worse. Sex and violence are thrown in the faces of our young people daily, normalizing it – thousands of images and acceptance of violence.  Add the hormonal imbalance of youth and a need for acceptance within their clicks.  The result is a disruption of the desire (want) to discern right from wrong.  Then we have a lack of guidance and adult supervision – or worse the misguided adult/coach/parent who encourages inappropriate responses on lesser issues.  What were you expecting to happen?

The male brain does not physically reach maturity until around 27.

This article Training Teens’ Brains from AAA I read (ironically) right before opening the web states “One of the last areas of the brain to develop fully is the frontal lobe – responsible for many skills crucial to safe driving, such as judgement and problem solving.  This area is fully developed between ages 25 and 30.”

Move forward.
Learn from it.
Support ALL of the young people effected by this and their families.
Expect better.
Do better.

My prayers go out not only to the rape victim, but to the young men, their teammates, students, coaches, families and the entire small town.  Indeed to all of America and beyond.  Prevent this from happening again by mentoring our youth, saying no to violent images and acceptance of violent acts in our daily lives.

I speak from the perspective of someone who has endured violence first person and been accountable for another who was accused of a violent act.  I fully understand both sides of the issue.

To the grandmother of the victim in regards to her comment, my heart aches for you and your family.

Judgement is mine saith the Lord. Rom 12:19

Forgiveness is our burden.

Peace be with you all* as you accept this change in the life you expected to be living.

*ALL in reference to the entire community and everyone affected.


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