Sledding with Petey

Last weekend the ponies got their manicures. I intended to have Petey pull some hay down to the house on the sled for me, but we’ve never done that before so we were playing and taking it really easy. The farrier brought her twins and their sleds so we ended up pulling the kids on their sleds around the property. Here’s a photo of my good boy having fun with the kids behind him.

Sledding with Petey

He kept crowding up to me when I was taking the photo so the angle of the photo makes him look really slab sided.  btw-he is wearing a saddle that you can’t see, which is bearing the majority of the weight of the sled, not just the one rope across his chest.  It was just there to help stabilize the saddle.  We played at only a walk with many breaks and carrots.

He only had one moment at the end when the rope put a lot of pressure on his left hind leg and he kicked out, the kids were not on the sled, we had upgraded to actually moving the hay by then.

This spring I’m going to get a horse sized harness, it would be a blast to have him pull me around either by cart or in a sled.


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