Kids Visited

I was tickled when Eric and his friends came out last night to iron the Velcro onto their van curtains. Lily is finally speaking to me again, seems that their separation in December helped. they are still struggling a bit, but have decided to travel together. They sold their home back to her dad who bought them a conversion van in exchange and gave them $5000 to start out with. He’s a great father. They are just waiting for their plastic licenses and should be on their way. A third friend is going with them. We had chili and corn bread and all watched a movie together. Eric’s brother Andrew came out too.  They brought their guitars in and played and went out to the woods for a while.  I had a lovely evening.

Keep them in your prayers as they prepare to and get on the road. Looks like Houston is their first destination. I told Eric he has to send me postcards from wherever he goes!


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