Never just another sunrise

Never just another sunrise

I’m home. I have 514 photos to remember the 2 weeks spent along the coastline. I’m happy to be back and am planning my next getaway. I am also going to start looking for jobs, preferably in the oceanic research area. I can’t tell you how alive I felt the last 2 weeks. I love my life, my friends and my church family. I am 48 years old and maybe have another 50 or 60 years to live. I want that life to be spent every day waking up excited about the prospects of the day. That has to include time by the ocean. I don’t even care which ocean! I can see myself being a snow bird, north in the summer and south in the winter.

I have also found that although I enjoy my domesticated companions a great deal, I revel in interacting with wild animals. Being still enough that they get curious and want to interact with me. I had a lovely time with all the sea birds. The iguana’s were curious and the raccoon. I have no desire to get so close to them as to try to confine them, just to observe and protect them.

I don’t know my path and that’s part of the excitement. I know that reporting to a cube every day in exchange for a paycheck is the last way I want to earn my living. Keep you posted.



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