Picture of the day

Picture of the day

The earth will always reclaim its own. We should remember that daily. Two things I miss about Iowa.
1. We recycle – driving me crazy that people don’t recycle down here. Despite the notices for not using plastic bags for the safety of the sea turtles, everything goes into the trash bin!
2. No smoking in public places like restaurants. I know the laws were only recently passed for us, but it is so nice to not have to breathe in someone elses filthy habit while I eat.

Lovely rainy day. I was so tired after lunch that I took an hour nap in the car! Drove over to Cape Canaveral, Titusville and the area before meeting my host. Went to the beach (of course) stood in the rain with my new umbrella and watched the surf. Today I am going to the zoo, setting up plans for an air boat ride on Saturday and am considering zip lining over a rain forest at the park




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