Good morning. I’m at a Starbucks (consistent wi-fi wherever you go) checking a map to get up the coast to
Titusville today. My host last night also gave me a great lead on a beach in that area that I am interested in. It’s a cool day here, feels like the 50’s – so no swimming but I never tire of the ocean and all of its life forms. Speaking of life forms-humans. I’m sitting outside on a lovely patio and have the privilege of overhearing 3 business conversations simultaneously. Everyone is trying to sell something, usually themselves.

In this area you cannot help but at least notice the wealth, or at least the appearance of wealth. It seems that the world is divided into those who care about wealth and those who do not. I am in the latter category. I enjoy money, don’t misunderstand me. It is a means to what I love to do – travel and meet other people, socialize, be curious, bring a blessing to someone else’s moment, live many lives vicariously through others since I am given only one. By opening your eyes to humanity you are gifted with insight to both the good and the bad. The bad makes press, humanity cannot help but stare at a train wreck. Whether that train wreck goes by Kardashian or Hitler we have to watch. Many will spend their lives watching the lives of others.  As for me I prefer that you observe or better yet create something interesting in your own life that makes me want to observe you.  That takes only a few things. Integrity. Dreams and desires. Action.

What fascinates me are people who are so busy living the life they were blessed with that they have no time or inclination to become obsessed by the train wrecks. They spend so much effort in pursuit of their own lives that little else hits the radar. This is one reason I have turned off the TV (mostly). I enjoy a good story so I do watch movies otherwise most of what is on TV is just an easy escape from living. My kind of living anyway. I had a wonderful drive yesterday with the top down driving along the coast. I am so glad I spent the money on new glasses, they made a huge difference last night driving to my destination after dark with the treatments to reduce glare. I only regret that I was late to my hosts home and missed a couple of hours spent getting to know him; that is what couch surfing is all about – people.  It won’t happen again.  My host the next two nights looks like a lot of fun. She’s a meteorologist.

Well, my friends I have my direction for the day. I have to stop for gas and then I am on the road again.

Be Well.
All My Love


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