Holiday Update

Found my way to a public access site. Baiscally here is how my vacation isgoing so far.

Arrive at airport 7pm
Walking in the waves of the ocean by 7:30pm

Sunday – Sitting on the beach
Monday – sitting on the beach
Tuesday – shopping for a couple of friends followed by walking on the beach and picking up some seashells and a rock for Pat.
Wednesday – went to the beach. Played with the seagulls. I am on an island on my blanket and there are hundreds of little gull tracks circling me for the pumpkin seeds I’ve been throwing to them (can’t type, have been into the adult beverages tonight).
Thursday – spent the better part of my day in a hotel planning week 2 of the trip. Have booked a hostel in Ft Lauderdale and might learn to scuba dive while I’m there. Found out that my dear son had a terrible experience when he left his netbook on top of the car when going to the mall to plan his own getaway. i felt so bad for him as he was nearly inconsolable at the loss. I told him “you only do that once in life” They expect to leave on the 12th – so glad I gave him a hundred hugs before I left.
tomorrow I make my way down to the southern peninsula area. it’s been a load of fun. The Sea. The Sea. I cannot believe I have been away from it for so long! It breaths in me watching the waves, the gulls, the dolphins. today I hiked up my jeans and walked along the beach. Despite my pulling up my jeans I stil managed to get caught by the surf and had wet pants all the way up past my knees. one man was fishing and catching baby hammerhead sharks…hmmm where there are babies there are biggies!!

i chuckled today the people in Florida are all a variety of browns. i’ve met some crazy folks and one truly (I think) schizophrenic who was holding a 2 sided conversation with her duffle bag.
I’ve met some very interesting people as well, as expected and although I’m hosteling this weekend I have been blessed with couches too. There are some really amazing people out here.

My advice to my son as I’ve enjoyed my travels:
Wherever you go, leave only footprints and memories
Always be aware of the decoy.
Today is your best and only day to live.
Be polite, especially when others are being rude. You never know who is watching.
On the road, remember thrift stores are a magic bullet.
do not hook up with any group called Rainbow People (its a cult)

His response to me when asked about his road budget. “ya, we decided if there’s no money coming in that day, then none goes out. That’s our budget” ROFL – that’ smy boy!

Well, my friends that my inebriated summary of how my vacation is going so far. It’s been over 40 degrees since I landed – ’nuff said!! There is no bad day in good weather!
all My love


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